Together for you

Closely sharing complex problems as long term trusted consultants and being a reference point for the clients, GA Family Office is well aware of the meaning of the time that passes by when managing a family’s patrimony and aims to guide several generations.

We guide the client’s family when dealing with the various service suppliers, in the interest of the family, and we obtain the best services on the market at the best conditions.
We select the best suppliers on the market with a structured and innovative analysis process.

GA Family Office is aware that a client with an important patrimony needs to deal today with decisions, challenges and threats which may not appear as such. The client needs to deal with sophisticated problems with various aspects, and therefore GA Family Office works from a protective, cautionary and defending point of view, with only one aim, which is to have and preserve the trust of its customers over time, by offering the best available solutions.

At the same time though we are reactive and ready to seize and enhance the favourable opportunities which the financial, real estate, corporate and patrimonial management in a broad sense, are able to offer.