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GA Family Office studies, analyses and selects in a professional and critical way the best solutions available on the market. Each consultant, business proposal, real estate, investment bank, bank, insurance company or savings management firm, is subject to innovative analysis and monitoring processes which aim to clarify the quality level of the products or the value they offer.
Quality is verified in real time, but also and mainly the levels of consistency and of constancy over time of the validity of the choices is subject to verification.
In the financial and insurance branch GA Family Office creates a clear and thorough classification of its suppliers and of the opportunities; this classification allows the clients to understand the reasoning behind the choices; a clear and easily comprehensible classification which can be used to show “the best and the worse” in terms of:

– taken risk
– rewards
– current assets of the current and future investment
– investment process typology
– costs
– legal structure of the contracts which are linked to your signature.

You will never be obliged to subscribe blindly to insurance policies, mutual funds, patrimony management, hedge funds or to blindly buy shares and bonds. Everything will be made easier, clearer and more professional by our consultants.
Now you are placing your patrimony and investment choices in the hands of an insurance company or a bank employee. Their work can be contaminated by conflicts of interest as they are working as employees or with a sales commission, and as such they are trying to optimize the benefits for the company who pays them their wages and commissions based on what they have sold you. With GA Family Office you will have independent technical consultants with professional competences of a high level, who are able to clarify what is best for you, what you really need from what the suppliers propose you. GA FAmily Office works in the best of your interest from all points of view.