Global Advice Family Office

GA Family Office is an independent company, whose owners supply global patrimonial consultancy services. The professionals who work at GA Family Office have twenty years of experience as trusted consultants in their own specific areas.

Our mission is to help the client reach his investment targets with the use of our innovative consultancy model with its open architecture, emphasizing concepts such as the search for excellence, ethics, customization and confidentiality.


Confidentially sharing complex problems, as long term trusted consultants and being a reference point for the clients.
GA Family Office is well aware of the meaning of the time that passes by when managing a family’s patrimony and aims to guide several generations.


GA Family Office lives on independence. The company finds itself in a position in which it can make the best choices in the interest of its Clients, because it only exists as a company thanks to the approval it receives from the Clients on the choices made in the best of the clients’ interest.