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Patrimony consultancy services


– Legal and notarial consultancy services

– Fiscal, administrative and organisational consultancy services

– Real estate consultancy services: real estate assessment, analysis of the market situation and expectations, finding counterparts for transactions and rents, finding and selecting brokers for the specific property being subject of the transactions, evaluations.

– Financial consultancy services: strategic and tactical asset allocation, research and consultancy services with regards to shares, bonds, etfs, mutual funds, patrimonial management with delegation of the powers or with prior consent, hedge funds, options, products to manage and cover risks, currencies, raw materials, interest rates, loans on securities, private equity and corporate finance.

– Consultancy services on financial markets: self-created market analysis dedicated to each single client and collecting, analysing and researching market analyses of nearly all the investment companies that are operating on the world market.

– VAR consultancy services: Var (value at risk) analysis on the whole of the family patrimony.

– Consultancy services on basic banking products: current accounts, credit cards, credit lines and financing, mortgages, bridges, leasing.

– Geopolitical consultancy services on the implicit and prospective risks of the global asset allocation of the family patrimony.

– Consultancy and insurance brokerage, in terms of policies with financial, succession content, with legislation from Luxembourg, index linked and unit linked, insurances on real estate and on family properties, works of art, individual pension schemes, social security programmes, insurances on survival and on death, health care insurances and special insurances.

– Consultancy services on artistic patrimony: consultancy services on single works of art, collections, assessments and value estimates, appreciation of artistic patrimony, consultancy services on restoration and conservation, research of counterparts, transportation and cataloguing management.

– Consultancy services on non-financial assets: numismatics, ceramics, carpets, watches, old cars and motorcycles, boats and other objects of value in a broad sense.